CNC Bread Blade Grinding Line

Special purpose CNC Bread Blade Grinding Line; the specification of which is confidential to the Client.


The Client manufactures Blades for Automatic Bread Slicing Machines; traditionally the production process has been very labour intensive, involving several stand-alone operations. Having struggled for several years to employ & retain suitable operatives, the Client initially asked EES to look at the possibility of automating the Grinding activity.


Following detailed discussions with the Client to determine their exact requirements in terms of product range, production volumes and specialist process requirements, EES submitted a conceptual design for a fully automatic, 12 axis, CNC Grinder. Close liason with the Client, utilising their specialist knowledge of the product, led to the concept being developed further, such that the final design encompassed the entire process from input of raw material to outputting of finished Blades.

The detailed specification of the process is confidential to our Client, but briefly the line includes:

  • Automatic off-coiling of ½” wide steel strip, from a 1000m coil
  • Heat Treatment
  • Pressing of the strip to form the outline shape
  • Grinding of the strip (both sides) to generate the Blade tooth form
  • De-burring

The entire line is fully automated and controlled using a Bosch Rexroth MTX Control; the strip is pulled through the line using precision linear servo slides and accurate positioning, to each of the individual processes, is ensured using laser sensors.


The Line has been so successful that the Client ordered a second Line (already built & installed by EES) and is now considering a third.


  • Project Management
  • Full Design (mechanical, electrical and PLC/Software)
  • Fabrication
  • Complete Assembly
  • Electrical Build & Machine Wiring
  • Commissioning
  • CE Marking
  • Testing to pre-determined Acceptance Criteria
  • Site Installation and Re-commissioning
  • Training
  • After Sales Service and Support
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