CNC Gantry Machine for Carbon Machining

Special purpose CNC Gantry Machine for Carbon Machining.


To machine a wide range of carbon composite components, typically these include prismatic parts upto 1500mm square and cylindrical components – 1200mm dia x 1000mm high; many of these components include both turning & milling operations which the Client wanted to carry out at a single set-up, to reduce costly manual handling time.

Having investigated the machine tool market for several months it was clear to the Client that there was no COTS machine available that offered the flexibility to meet their wide ranging needs; it was at this point that the Client contacted EES to design and manufacture a special purpose ‘bespoke’ machine that would be tailored to suit their unique manufacturing requirements.


Following detailed discussions with the Client to determine their exact machining requirements and expectations, EES submitted a conceptual design for a CNC Gantry type Machine that offered both milling and turning/boring capabilities; this concept was accepted and the project moved quickly through detailed design to machine manufacture.

The machine is of fixed Table, travelling Gantry construction; briefly it comprises:

Two heavy duty, fabricated, Support Columns form the base of the Gantry Assembly; the Columns are bolted to the foundation and adjusted on machine levellators.

The Gantry, a fabricated box section construction, travels along the Support Columns on high precision linear guideways; Gantry travel forms the X-axis of the machine; drive to this axis, like all of the other linear axes, is provided by precision rolled ballscrews.

A single Saddle is mounted on the Gantry and carries both the Boring Quill and the Live Spindle Ram; the Saddle travels across the Gantry on linear guideways – designated as the Y-axis.

The Boring Quill & Live Spindle are mounted on independent vertical slides, forming the W and Z axes respectively. The Quill is used for all, fixed tool, turning & boring operations; the Ram performs all live spindle milling operations.

Underneath the Gantry sits a VTL style Turning Table; capable of running at up to 200rpm, this Table facilitates all turning operations. The Table also has C-axis functionality, providing rotary & spiral milling capability.

The addition of a Toolchanger, capable of automatically loading Angle Milling Heads as well as standard milling tools, gives maximum flexibility, enabling even the most complex of components to be machined at a single set-up.

The machine is fitted with a high specification Siemens 840D Control and incorporates the very latest in digital servo drive technology. With Shop Floor Programming (menu driven) and Offline Programming capability, this machine is suitable for both one-off’s and batch production work.


  • Project Management
  • Full Design (mechanical, electrical and PLC/Software)
  • Fabrication
  • Complete Assembly
  • Electrical Build & Machine Wiring
  • Commissioning
  • CE Marking
  • Testing to pre-determined Acceptance Criteria
  • Site Installation and Re-commissioning
  • Training
  • After Sales Service and Support
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