Heid CNC Lathe

A full machine refurbishment & CNC retrofit of a Heid SDM12 CNC Lathe.

The machine refurbishment included regrinding of all slideways, replacement of axis drive ballscrews & anchor bearings, full refurbishment of the Headstock & Spindle including new spindle bearings, refurbishment of the Power Chuck, ATC, Tailstock & Steadies; the hydraulic system was fully overhauled and the lubrication systems replaced with new. In addition, the machine has been fitted with a new Swarf Conveyor.

The CNC retrofit comprised fitting of a new Siemens 840D Control, new DC Spindle Drive, new Digital Axis Servo Drives, a new electrical cabinet complete with all new control gear and a complete machine re-wire.


  • Heid SDM12-532 CNC Lathe
  • Max. Turning Diameter: 550mm
  • Distance B.C: 1500mm
  • Spindle Drive: 58Kw DC
  • Hydraulic Power Chuck
  • 12 Station Automatic Toolchanger
  • Powered Tailstock
  • Hydraulic Steady
  • Totally Enclosed Guarding System
  • Swarf Conveyor


Two identical machines have been rebuilt and retrofitted, by EES, for the same client; the machines now produce ‘Duraheat’ studs for the Power Industry, working 24-hours/day, 6 days/week.


  • Project Management
  • Mechanical Design (Inventor 3D)
  • Electrical Interface Design
  • PLC Software Design
  • Slideway Grinding to restore Machine Alignments
  • Ballscrew Refurbishment or Replacement
  • Spindle Refurbishment
  • Refurbishment of Gearboxes & Drive Train Systems
  • Overhaul or replacement of Hydraulic Systems
  • Re-assembly to OEM Specfications & Tolerances
  • Guarding Systems to PUWER Compliance
  • Electrical Panel Build
  • Commissioning
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Site Re-installation
  • User & Maintenance Training
  • Full Documentation
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